Gift and Loyalty Cards:

An excellent revenue generator, Gift and Loyalty cards from WGC put consumers in a buying mood and provide your merchants with a valuable “billboard” that fits in consumers’ wallets, giving them a reason to return and providing a more convenient, safer alternative to paper gift certificates. We can provide a functional and scalable gift/loyalty card program for merchants of all sizes. Whether you are nationwide chain with numerous locations or just a small single location store we can provide a program that will work for you. We can also provide online merchants with options for using our gift/loyalty card program on a website. We also can provide programs for associations with multiple merchants where each merchant can maintain their own personal program while being apart of a larger association of merchants with a specialized program. Please let us know how we can help your business. Both programs come with extensive online reporting

Electronic Check Guarantee:

Accept checks guaranteed with CrossCheck

Cross Check’s services are a cost-effective way to increase sales, reduce risk and maintain cash-flow. Guarantee services provide reimbursement on returned checks, electronic deposit saves time and money on banking and our innovative collection products quickly recover late receivables for a low, fixed fee.

Cash Advance:

While today’s consumers may not always carry cash, they still need it at times, so cash advances at financial institutions are vital. APS makes sure that performing cash advances is fast and easy – for both the consumer and the financial institution.